Friday, September 2, 2011

Bottled Jewels {Sept/Oct Bee Block} kesch

a Ticker Tape Quilt-Along!

The original quilt along instructions can be found here : BOTTLED RAINBOWS TICKER TAPE

Bottled Rainbows {the button}

I want to do mine in jewel tones in honor of Autumn.

This is what you will recieve:

a.  please use all white thread

b.  Keep the Change - feel free to toss, share, or keep the scraps for your own stash.

c.  Add your own.  Yes you may.  If you have a fun fabric that matches the color theme you chose, feel free to add your own.  Variety is the spice of life, so thanks.

d.  if you see fabric from former bee blocks, please DO use them in the block you make.  I have been saving those bits all year long from your blocks.  So in this way it will be sort of a memory quilt for our BEE this year.

Here are the instructions on how to construck the block:  BOTTLED RAINBOWS

1. stitch snip, 2. rough layout, 3. glue, 4. mark and trim, 5. Bottled Rainbows QAL - Turquoise block, 6. Bottled Rainbows, 7. P1170845, 8. P1170881, 9. P1170886, 10. P1170926, 11. P1170923, 12. P1180033, 13. P1180030, 14. P1180070, 15. P1180071, 16. Hello! Thanks for coming., 17. Bottled Rainbows Finished, 18. Mosaic quilt back, 19. lime leaves quilt block, 20. Waiting ~ Bottled Rainbow QAYG Blocks -- Ruby and Buttercup, 21. Tangerine Bottled Rainbows Block, 22. Bottled Rainbows top - complete!, 23. Red Bottled Rainbow Block, 24. Bottled Rainbows Fabric Strips

Here you will find further inspirations:  Flickr Group,  You can scroll down this page of Sonnet of the Moon and find much inspiration for this quilt,  Here are more blocks from Pink Please!

Here is the SAMPLE block I made today just to try it out.  I used scrap fabric and scrap thread so please ignore that!  Please use all white thread for the blocks I give you!

Giving you all a big PRE THANKS for all the work you put into this for me.  Thanks tons.  And happy quilting!

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  1. Awesome! the bottled rainbows block has been on my to-try list for a while now.