Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January-- Jessica!!

1. scrappy hex crib quilt, 2. Gnomes for Matt and Jody, 3. odd fellows cross, 4. double nine-patch, 5. Shoo Fly Quilt - DQS8, 6. Placemat Quilt Swap 2 Sent, 7. the whole thing, 8. DQS5front, 9. DQS5 Quilt for ... ???, 10. Bee Quilt Out of the Box- October, 11. My row 10 quilt, 12. XOXO quilt, 13. flower pot quilt, 14. Black Bird's Chair, 15. Dorothy's Spools, 16. Gwenny's Baskets, 17. Inspired by Anna, 18. Vintage Spools Block for me!, 19. All Present & Accounted For, 20. Chair Quilt

So here are some quilts for inspiration... I am really in to traditional blocks in different colors right now. What I am thinking for this quilt is "chairs and spools" as a theme. That said, I think that I am going to make a big chair for the middle of the quilt and I would like all of you to explore making a spool type block or a quirky traditional type block. I love Gwen Marston and Freddy Moran and their collaborative quilting style. I also am a big fan of Tonya's letters and her new book.
The little packages are all waiting for you guys... you can have them tonight at the meeting!!
To challenge all of you I picked an eclectic mix of red and light blue with some black and whites mixed in. If you want to add some appropriate solids or neutrals (Black and whites are neutrals in my book!) from your own stash. I am going to put the quilt together very collaborative quilting style so I was thinking of blocks that will finish at 6", 9", or 12". Have fun!! Post here if you have any questions. See you tonight!


  1. Two questions!!!

    1. Do you want us to stick solely to spools and chairs? In the "collaborative" spirit I was inspired by some of the birds in your inspiration pictures. Would that be ok?

    2. Would it be alright if I added a small amount of my own kona in like colors? Say for a small word. (ive never free form pieced before and I"m panicing that I'll run out of your lovely bits of fabrics.)

  2. I think go with what you are inspired by... I love birds and in fabric even better. I am SO NOT a stickler about bees. I have been delighted by every swap piece I have ever received. If you want to add something I trust your EXCELLENT judgement, you know criss-cross applesauce! If you want more fabric I think that I have more of all of it. Sometimes I like the challenge of less fabric because then I will take risks that I might not otherwise.

  3. question on finishing. Do you want me to square the blocks? If so, would they be squared at 1/2" larger than 6"/9"/12" ? I can also leave them as is, trimmed, but not squared down to a specific size.