Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February - Stars and pinwheels!

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(Sorry about any cross posts. Here is the original post from my blog yesterday. I'll keep all Bee related topics on this blog from now on.)

Has it been 4 months since the inception of EMQG and 3 months since the Bee started? February is my month and I'm excited to say that the blocks resulting from this month will be put towards a twin sized quilt for my older daughter. A few tidbits about my daughter. She's 5, girly-girl, loves pink and purple, fairies, princesses, ponies and monsters. I'm not sure where the last one fits in. There have been so many warm, sunny days in January that I've been dreaming about summer hence the stars and pinwheels. For some reason they remind me of those types of nights. And to be honest, it will probably be summer before it's actually completed!

I have a vision, yes a vision of a quilt bursting with randomly placed stars and pinwheels here and there and some embroidery of stars/pinwheels in the blank white spaces. Vague? well, it's a blurry vision. :-)

So this month's challenge will be to create a star or pinwheel block (traditional and wonky are both fine) on a white background. They don't have to be centered in the block, there can be multiple stars/pinwheels in one block, big, small. They can be 6.5", 9.5" or 12.5" unfinished blocks. You can add from your own stash if you like. I've included alot of different prints and I do love the scrappy look. By all means, make more than one if you desire (ans if there's enough fabric)! I love to see the unique creativity everyone has given the same parameters. It's amazing how many different interpretations there can be on stars and pinwheels!

Please return the unused fabric as I'll be using the remaining fabric to make more scrappy stars or add them to a pieced backing. I'm looking forward to seeing what you all come up wtih! Happy crafting <3



  1. Hi Mike! I have a little fabric package here for you. Let me know how to get it to you. If you send me your mailing address, I can pop it in the mail for you.

  2. Agnes! <3

    If you can drop it off at PxP that works. If that's not convenient you can mail it (or slide it in the mail slot) to my office. I'll email you the address just in case. :)